our story

Emily and Lily are twin sisters who grew up in a small town in America.

They are 20 year old college students.

They have always been together since childhood.

Their parents were busy, and Emily and Lily grew up supporting each other.

However, after entering college, Emily moved to New York to study art. Lily goes to California to study science. It was the first time for them to be separated, and they were overcome with loneliness and anxiety.

Emily has a bright and cheerful personality, and Lily is serious and has a thirst for knowledge.

They had different interests and talents.

Two years later, Emily returns to her hometown to open her own art exhibition.

She was busy preparing for the exhibition and was stressed out.

「Emily!」 Five days before the art exhibition, Emily collapsed.

Hearing the call, Lily took a break from college and rushed to Emily.

Lily bursts into tears when they met again.

Emily was emaciated and not as energetic as she used to be.


At that time, Lily decided to stay by Emily's side.

Lily cuddled, encouraged, comforted, and laughed with her.

And Emily's exhibition never took place.

Lily cuddled, encouraged, comforted, and laughed with her.

And next time, let's do our best together.

One day, Emily lowered her face slightly and said,

「Lily, I'm sorry I take away dreams.」

It was a very painful and sad face.

But Lily had the same face as usual, no. with a bigger smile

「What are you talking about? My dream is to be happy together.」

Lily who gave up her dream. I took away her dream.

Emily, who thought so, was overwhelmed with emotion and shed tears with gratitude towards Lily.

「You are the best sister in my life. Thank you for always being there for me.」

said Emily.

「Our bond will never change. We will always be together.」

said Lily.

The two sisters embraced each other.

Emily and Lily overcome the hardships of living apart with their love.

And the two will hold an art exhibition together with "This time".