door of a dream

"Good morning!" "Oh? You look kind of sleepy."

"Good morning." "I've been so sleepy lately that I can't wake up easily."

"Well... do you know the dream door?"

"door to a dream? I don't know.What's that?"

"A story about a person who always looks sleepy and that person has achieved his dream"

"What's that? A common story?"

"Hmm~ I think it's a little different.You can actually try it.Let's do it.."

"It's very simple, and there's only one condition."

"What is it?"

"If you feel sleepy, to beat your hands.and that person's dream came true"

"Just clapping your hands?"

"Right.""You haven't woken up yet, have you?"

"Then to beat your hands as hard as you can."

"I'm embarrassed."

"Don't worry, we are the only ones here."

"All right, here we go..." Bang.

"No, to beat your hands harder!"

"Like this?" Bread!!


"What!? What's this?" I woke up as if I were under a spell."

"How was it? Feel good?""

"Yeah! I'm so glad!""I'm not sleepy anymore"

"He practiced that method every morning.Every day, I was able to get rid of my drowsiness and stay healthy from the first thing in the morning." "So his day was very fulfilling and his dream came true."

"I see! That's amazing.I think something will change."

"I'm getting motivated!"

"I'm glad."If it's hard to wake up, please try"

"Yes, I will.Thank you."

he door of a dream.

I'm trying to call it that.

I always woke up on time and spent the day as usual without anything.

But now every day I say, "Here we go!I'll do it!" he says, living a dreamy day.

My day has changed a lot.

"Try it"

" To beat your hands with all your might.Something will change."