On the way home after playing in the park

Mew. Mew, a faint voice.

I met a kitten.

A thin-bodied cat whose small body looks smaller.

I hurriedly hugged a cat and went home with a cat.

Cheer up to that cat! Cheer up! want you to have hope and courage to live.

I named the cat “chance”

are you nervous? are you on guard?

Even if i want you to eat alot, you won’t

Even so, I called a lot of names.

“chance!” ”chance!”

Gradually, “Chance” ate a lot and became attached to me.

I hurried home from school everyday and played with “chance.”

Sometimes I slept with “Chance”.

Sometimes "chance"came and rubbed own body back against my body.

Me and "Chance" grew up together.

Before I knew it, "Chance" was fat.

Before I knew it, "Chance" was running around freely in the house.

It was so cute.

I loved you so much.

One day "Chance" passed away.

I cried a lot.

a lot…a lot…I burst into tears.

I called your name over and over. ”chance.” ”chance.”

Still there was no response of "Chance"

It's been a few years since then, and I'm still having a good day today.

My family has decreased and I feel lonely, but I can't stay depressed forever.

I'm sure "Chance" doesn't want my to look like that either.

I received a lot of healing and love.

I will never forget that day, the day we met.

I will never forget the days we played together from that day on.


I even now like this word.


It's the password of courage and hope.